Devika Wood

Devika Wood

Business Development Manager at Medefer

United Kingdom

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Passionate about science and healthcare, endeavouring to enhance my skills required for public health and clinical medicine.

I am a co-operative and outgoing person with great interpersonal skills who takes initiative at all times and interacts well with others. I am self-motivated and relish learning new skills, with a very driven character, a strong sense of caring for others and a keen sense of responsibility. I have an enquiring mind with good attention to detail, and readily take on challenges. I always take a pride in what I do and relish doing things to the best of my ability.

My passion lies in health policy, health service improvement and health promotion. My Masters in Public Health has enriched my knowledge on design, analysis and interpretation of epidemiological and biomedical research. I have gained skills on the essential principles of modern biostatistical methods using data programmes such as STATA. Furthermore, I applied my skill set to my thesis research and carried out a systematic review on: Tele monitoring as an effective health intervention in the elderly suffering from COPD, to reduce hospitalisation rates.
Due to the changing remit of the NHS at this moment, I have a great interest in health systems, policy and financing with a particular focus on acquiring skills for health equity audits, health impact assessments, healthcare evaluation and intervention planning including health economics.

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