David Ponsford

David Ponsford

Director of Product Management at Truphone

United Kingdom

App dev: Marketing Public speaking

Having spent over 25 years working in and around mobile computing and mobile telephony, the last12 in Product Management, David Ponsford has developed an enviable track record of involvement in bleeding edge technology and innovative solutions.

He worked for over a decade at Psion PLC, the UK's leading software and technology company of the 90's, which spawned such offshoots as Symbian, TomTom and Spinvox. He also spent over 5 years in the Premium Billing (fixed and mobile) industry, successfully launching premium SMS services in the USA and pioneering it as a billing concept in the UK and Europe.

Ponsford most recently product managed and delivered the award winning suite of mobile voice over IP (VoIP) products for Skype, taking Skype for iPhone to the number 2 global product platform within Skype, in terms of revenue and active users.

He was invited to Cupertino in 2010, to present on-stage at the Apple iOS4 launch event, as one of only two Apps chosen by Apple to reflect a flagship experience on the iPhone.

Since then he has been the Director of Product Management at Truphone, a VoIP provider and GSM MVNO, where her manages the Product Management and Business Analysis functions.

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