Ross Tuffee

Ross Tuffee

Co-Founder at DOGFI.SH Mobile Ltd

United Kingdom

User & market insight Business models Marketing

A highly motivated, people focused leader and business change consultant, with over twenty years experience in high performance FTSE100 organisations, consultancy, public sector and brand driven businesses.

Currently working with large multi national/multi branded clients to realise the benefits of mobile internet throughout their business (from marketing to operations). In today's fragmented mobile platform environment (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows 7 Mobile), we have the capability to deliver across platforms and scale across your brands & operations in days rather than months.

Why is this important? Your consumers are split across the above platforms and will continue to be for the next 5 years+. You will need an efficient scalable solution that avoids rebuilding from scratch each time you wish to extend the capability to a new platform or brand. Our solutions are scalable and we are able to roll out in days, cutting cost and maximising first mover advantage.

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