Armando Vieira

Armando Vieira

Consultant at Inesting, Marketing Tecnologico SA


App dev: User experience App dev: Business models

Serial entrepreneur, speaker, scientist, visionary, incurable learner and a restless problem solver.

After my PhD in Theoretical Physics in Coimbra, I´ve done a Postdoc at CENG in Grenoble and Instituto Tecnologico Nuclear to study neutron diffusion with Monte Carlo simulations for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy and nuclear radiation protection.

In 2000 I start doing research on Data Mining & Artificial Intelligence applied to Physics and credit risk analysis.

Large expertise on Data Analytics with advanced techniques like Neural Networks, SVM, SVM+, SVD, MDS, particularly on high dimensional data processing, feature extraction, classification & regression.

Have coordinated several projects like, Credit Risk Evaluation (AIRES project - and an Automated RBS data analysis.

Recently have started to work on weighted complex networks applied to recommender systems.

As a founder and CEO of the project Sair+, I got two years of experience as web developer, web analytics, SEO and web marketing on social media.

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