Christopher Jen

Christopher Jen

Sales Manager - Cloud Networking

United Kingdom

App dev: Idea screening App dev: User & market insight App dev: Technical & data feasibility App dev: User experience App dev: Business models App dev: Marketing Public speaking

Christopher has worked at the cutting end of innovation for a decade now in the Canada, China and the UK that saw him as a engineer, manager, consultant and marketer on various innovation themes from technology/mobile innovation to organisation change management. He began his career as an engineer for first generation smartphone and in the process found his love for mobile technology. Following this he spent time as a the Business Analyst at TELUS which gave him the opportunity to work on many change management projects and learn all aspects of how technology be a change for organizational redesign and communication. In that position, he was called on to build a team of diverse individuals and to embed an innovation culture within this team from the very beginning. While there he was also intimately involved with various internal endeavors that helped inculcate innovation into TELUS's culture. He was given the opportunity to join a new hybrid sales team within TELUS to sell both wireline and wireless solutions to Mid Size clients where he helped bring the first mobile solution to taxis. With his constant desire for global competency and innovation he went to get an MBA from Cambridge University know for it's focus on innovation and new idea.

Following his MBA he co-founded a website called Guestaurant that is at the forefront social share of food and community contribution from around the world of what is happening. Most recently he moved to London and works at Cisco in Marketing within the Services side of the business which is the fastest growing and margin business for Cisco. In this role he is bringing his experience in innovation and mobile technology to everything his does. Through this experience he has developed a learning gameshow that helps partners of Cisco learn about services, created and writes a digital/mobile/print magazine that helps Enterprise customers understand the value of Cisco (

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