Russell Miles

Russell Miles

Founder and CEO at Open Cloud Brokers

United Kingdom

App dev: Technical & data feasibility App dev: Business models Public speaking

My key areas of experience focus on agile & lean, high productivity software development practices and high value training and consultancy. My experience at all levels of a software development organisation means I spend a lot of my time working with large organisations as they travel on the journey to being more agile and lean, providing input right from the Board level to the actual day-to-day practices of the developer (value-worker) teams. I am also a keen writer and have written three technical books to date: The AspectJ Cookbook, Learning UML 2.0 and Head First Software Development. I am experienced in delivering training, including creating and giving public and private courses, with the aim of making it easier for people to learn complex technology concepts. In terms of other interests, I am very interested in convention-over-configuration as a productivity technique and I am a contributor to the Grails plugin ecosystem.

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