Tim Duckett

Tim Duckett

Developer / designer at Charismatic Megafauna Ltd

United Kingdom

App dev: Technical & data feasibility App dev: User experience


- Designs & builds iOS consumer and enterprise apps for iPhone and iPad
- UI and backend coding using test-driven development
- Expert knowledge of Objective-C, iOS 5 & 6, REST APIs, UIKit, CoreData, MapKit, etc
- Leads Agile projects with TDD and BDD
- Designs & builds backend APIs with Ruby, Rails & Sinatra
- Author of Pro iOS TableViews & Pro iOS 6, published by Apress.


I make things with tools like Objective-C and Ruby on Rails for the web and iOS. I get code, understand developers, and I know my way around a LAMP stack.


I've worked with all kinds of clients to design information architecture and user experiences that ensure people will actually *use* what gets built.


I'm writing "Pro iOS6" and wrote "Pro iOS Table Views For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch", both for Apress.


I'm an experienced project and team manager - I prefer Agile to waterfall, but I've worked with both and can get the best of both. I'm good with clients, as well - I don't do "sales", but I look good in a suit and I'm happy consulting in the boardroom, or thrashing out details with techies.


I'm an associate lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, teaching Ruby, Rails, internet technologies and Linux systems.


- East Coast Timeline app for National Railway Museum
- iPad app for Molson Coors
- Clinical guidance iOS app for NICE
- Food Hospital iOS app for C4 series
- TeaWars - multiplayer iPhone game to solve tea rota dilemmas
- Online store for bike retailer
- WeWatch app for social TV listings
- Rails-based Facebook game for 4IP startup

Acronym soup

Objective-C, iOS, Ruby, Rails, UX, IA, Linux, Apache, MySQL, Git, TDD, BDD, RSpec, Cucumber, Agile, Scrum

Hard skills

MBA & Prince II-qualified. Experience of project P&L.

Soft skills

Recruiting, running & developing teams. Track record of creating, building and managing client relationships.

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