Impact 2018/19

We've reached 174,000 students in 4,260 schools since 2010

Ways we’ve helped students to develop

Our courses teach students about new technologies while equipping them with the problem solving, creativity and teamwork skills needed to thrive. After a course, students show an increase in technical and non-technical skills:

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Photo - Students problem solving
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Apps for Good has taught me to dive into solutions for problems – no knee jerk reactions based on the first thought that comes into my head. I know now to consider a range of solutions and then select the one that I think will have the greatest impact.”

Person - Olivia

Olivia, former student from Dunoon in Scotland

Photo - Fellows laughing
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Apps for Good is not just about tech, it’s about confidence. I have a better attitude to my ideas now, and I'm much better at talking in front of people. I was really shy when I started, I'm much more likely now to give things a go and see what happens.”

Person – Holly

Holly, former student from Hull in England

Ways we're driving diversity

We believe technology should be an enabler for all, rather than reinforcing existing barriers. We work to ensure our programmes are accessible across gender, ethnicity, geography, and socio-economic background. In 2018/19 we impacted:

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Photo - Scotland team pitching
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Apps for Good is a fantastic platform to get young people interested in technology, there’s something in the course for everyone. When students choose a project that's important to them, you can see learning happening right in front of you.”

Person – Chris Aitken

Chris Aitken, Teacher at Wick High School in Caithness, Scotland

Photo - Luton students presenting
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Luton sometimes receives very undeserved negative press coverage. It's been wonderful to have an inspirational programme that proves to all of our pupils, regardless of age or ability, that they can achieve whatever they want, as long as they believe it.”

Person – Emma Darcy

Emma Darcy, Director Of Technology For Learning at The Chiltern Learning Trust, Denbigh High School in Luton, England

Ways we're engaging with the real world

We're bridging the gap between the classroom and the real world, connecting industry mentors with students to support their ideas and make them a reality. Since 2010, we've enabled 25,000 industry interactions:

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