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Healthy and affordable recipe guide for your family

About iNeed Recipes

iNeed Recipes was created by Elvis, Harith, Moeez, Abyan and Zane aged 12 from Denbigh High School in England.

It helps users to find easy recipes based on what they have available that are right for their families.

How did you come up with the idea for iNeed Recipes?

At first, a member of our team developed an idea about an app that you would use to make meals with only the ingredients at home. After lockdown, we had a better understanding of what it's like when it is harder to buy certain food items. We decided to focus on low income families for the app.

How did you go about developing the solution?

At first, we thought about poverty or lack of food provisions. Using this we thought of possible ways to help those in need. We thought about people using what they have instead of having to get more and what the basic, cheaper food items are that most people have access to. This is how we developed the solution.

How does iNeed Recipes work?

Our product works by helping people who cannot buy themselves many ingredients consistently. They are able to show what ingredients they have by typing in or scanning their product. The app then generates recipes that they are able to make using the ingredients they already have.

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Why should your product win its category and why should people vote for you in the People’s Choice Award?

We want people to vote for us because our app helps those who do not have access to much food to still have healthy meals. Low income families can often struggle to produce meals that are tasty and nutritious and we want everyone to be able to eat well.

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