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About iNav

iNav was created by Ravi, Jude, Nathan, Abid and Elvis aged 15 from Dr Challoners Grammar School in England.

It provides simplified navigation and a virtual 'helper' by your side to make it easier to access what you need

How did you come up with the idea for iNav?

We wanted to create an app that would be of genuine use to others by providing a helpful service. We saw how so many functions of a mobile phone may be inaccessible to the elderly, so our focus became helping them use technology. This problem became even more relevant in this period of lockdown.

How did you go about developing the solution?

One of our main aims was to guide potential consumers through the app with information presented in bite-sized pieces so our target users would not be overwhelmed. We then focused on creating a simple user interface to ensure clear understanding for consumers.

How does iNav work?

Our product opens with a choice of apps that the consumer can learn to use. After choosing one, the user will be guided through the functions of that app by concise information accompanied by relevant screenshots. The simple user interface combines with a clear flow to provide an easy experience.

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Why should your product win its category and why should people vote for you in the People’s Choice Award?

iNav should win because of the huge number of people it could help in today's situation. Hurried lessons from grandchildren before lockdown on using a mobile phone was not enough - iNAV could be that guide that helps older people stay connected to their loved ones during lockdown.

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