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Inspire the next generation of technology problem solvers

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Our Experts represent all areas of business and tech, forming a community of 1100+ volunteers who help young people bring their new product ideas to life.

What Experts do

Industry Experts volunteer their time by dialing into classrooms for one-hour sessions to advise and support teams of students through the creation and development of their problem-solving apps, IoT and machine learning projects.

Expert volunteers advise on many areas of tech product development, including:

Most sessions are organised via Skype, so Experts can volunteer from anywhere!

What we're looking for

Virtual Expert Session

How it works

1. Verify your identify using LinkedIn

If you don’t have LinkedIn, email us on:

2. Tell us about your areas of expertise

Fill out a short form so we can know what opportunities to contact you about

3. Get notified about opportunities

You’ll receive email notifications about session requests for the areas of expertise you selected

4. Select a session that fits your schedule

Most sessions are conducted via Skype, but if you’re interested in visiting a school you can do that too

5. Meet with students and their teacher for a one hour session

Hear about student ideas, and give advice on moving from problem to prototype