Smart EpiPen that tracks usage and sends alerts

About epiCpen

epiCpen was created by Jaydon, James, Ross and Ruaridh from Dunoon Grammar School in Scotland.

The IoT device enables people with allergies to get the help they need with automatic alerts and location identification via what3words.

How did you come up with the idea for epiCpen?

One of our team Jaydon is at risk of anaphylactic shock and carries an epipen. Luckily, when he has had to use it, he's had someone with him to take him to hospital. But what if he had been alone? This was a worry for both Jaydon and his family. Our idea will ease this anxiety and ensure those in need can access urgent care.

How did you go about developing the solution?

250,000 people in the UK currently carry epipens, 3.6 million in the USA. By 2025 half of the entire EU will be affected by allergies. From this the epiCpen - our smart pen - was born. The C stands for communication = care = confidence.

We shared our idea with experts and they thought it was much needed. This gave us the confidence to push ahead and code a proof of concept prototype – using radio controlled Micro:bits

How does epiCpen work?

When used the epiCpen will send a message directly to emergency services and loved ones giving details of the user’s exact location using what3words.com (this splits the world into small squares, each unique square can be identified using just 3 words). This means they will get urgent care even if they become unconscious and/or alone.

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Why should your product win its category and why should people vote for you in the People’s Choice Award?

epiCpen is an IoT device that will save lives! The number of people admitted to hospital with anaphylactic shock has risen year on year for the past five years (BBC). This is a growing problem that epiCpen can help with. People will get the emergency care they need and loved ones will have peace of mind too

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