Dimming Dyslexia

Scan text to translate it in to an easy to understand format

About Dimming Dyslexia

Dimming Dyslexia was created by Dorothy, Justine and Sonia from Sacred Heart High School.

The app allows you to scan text and resources to translate them into an easy to read and understand format.

What is your product and who is it for?

Our product is directed to those who fall under the 11-18 student demographic. Dimming Dyslexia focuses on providing aid towards students who struggle with comprehension skills due to disabilities such as dyslexia and allows them to reclaim their lost confidence.

What inspired your idea, and why is it important to you?

Dimming Dyslexia originated under the desire to help find solutions for day-to-day problems that are often overlooked. After consideration of personal experiences, we believed whilst dyslexia is very common, there is little to no support provided to which we hope our app will be able to suffice.

How does your product solve the problem?

Our easy to operate app starts with a simple scan of text which opens up to a variety of functions. Once scanned, the text or background is able to be altered (eg colour, size and font) and even extends out to provide suitable content in forms of definitions and videos relevant to the content all in an easy to comprehend format. Our product is a simple to use app that could provide more support for those struggling with dyslexia in their day to day lives as they often struggle to comprehend complex resources. Dimming Dyslexia is a unique app that allows people to scan texts such as book extracts using a phone or tablet which then converts the resource into a dyslexia-friendly format. This includes different fonts and background colours that make it easier for them to understand.


Why should your product win its category and why should people vote for you in the People’s Choice Award?

Our app is a revolutionary product that could help millions of students aged 11 and above across the UK who are struggling with dyslexia. By voting for us people would be levelling the educational playing for those struggling with dyslexia and giving them an equal opportunity.

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