Machine Learning in a Day

Gain an overview of the application and impact of machine learning

  • Students gain an understanding of how machine learning impacts on their lives
  • They review case studies and explore ethical issues raised by machine learning
  • Students build an anti-bullying machine learning model
  • Students then design and produce a technical prototype of a machine learning model

This is a new course and is currently in beta release

Secondary and FE

5 hours

Perfect as a taster day

Basic to advanced programming

Machine Learning in a Day course workbook for students

  • Printable student A4 workbook containing practical activities
  • Guides you and your students through the course
  • Fully editable, making it easy for you to adapt to meet your needs

Course sessions

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Session 1: Machine learning in a day

Objective: To understand what machine learning is

Session 2: Machine learning in a day - Follow on

Objective: To gain a better understanding of the data requirements of your machine learning idea