Machine Learning Unplugged

Explore machine learning and design a basic model

Secondary and FE

7 sessions

Unplugged activities

No programming required

Course Summary

  • Students explore a range of machine learning applications
  • They consider the social, practical and ethical aspects of machine learning
  • Students then identify a real life problem they care about -- Students can work individually or in teams to design a machine learning model to solve the problem they have identified
  • Course can be delivered in a standard classroom without access to laptops/computers
  • Course includes facial recognition, chatbots, recommendatio and decision systems, self driving cars, bias in machine learning algorithms, impact on employment

Course sessions

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  1. Session 1: What is machine learning
  2. Session 2: Facial Recognition

  3. Session 3: Natural Language Processing

  4. Session 4: Recommendation Systems

  5. Session 5: Decisions and Ethics

  6. Session 6: Putting it all together

  7. Session 7: Designing your own model

Core resource

Student Workbook

  • Printable student A4 workbook containing practical activities
  • Guides you and your students through the course
  • Fully editable, making it easy for you to adapt to meet your needs

Core resource

Scheme of Work

Get a quick overview of the course structure Review the learning objectives and outcomes for each session