Internet of Things

Create a problem solving prototype in 10-12 hours

Primary, Secondary and FE

10 - 12 hours

In-class or extracurricular

IoT devices required

Course Summary

Generate ideas and create working prototypes to solve real-world problems using devices connected to the internet and each other.

Student Workbook

Ways to bring this course to life

We believe learning should extend beyond the classroom. Therefore as a part of this course, your students have a chance to engage in the following:

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Expert sessions

Book Expert sessions for advice and inspiration for your class

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Encourage students to enter projects to our annual Awards

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Industry workshops

Join industry encounters to enrich student learning

Support Materials

Once you've signed up, you will gain access to our pre-packaged materials that will help you prepare and deliver the courses, including:

  • Scheme of work: providing an overview of the course structure, with learning objectives and outcomes for each session
  • Student workbook: highlighting practical activities and that will guide you and your students through the course.
  • Lesson primers: offering 5 minute lesson plans to reduce your planning time
  • Presentations: explaining each of the activities for the session
  • Teacher CPD: covering topics like teamwork through teacher guides and video tutorials

This course helps you make use of the IoT devices you already have. We also have resources suggesting ways to source IoT hardware for your classroom.