App Development Extended

Create a working prototype of an app in 20 sessions

Primary, Secondary and FE

20 sessions

In-class or extracurricular

Basic to advanced programming

Course Summary

  • Student teams design and build an app that solves a problem they care about
  • The extended course allows students to explore topics in more depth than the standard course
  • Teams work their way through a range of activities, split across 20 sessions
  • See below for the Scheme of Work, Student Workbook, and Learning Objectives

Course sessions

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  1. Session 1: Launch
  2. Session 2: Team building

  3. Session 3: New product development

  4. Session 4: Learn the basics

  5. Session 5: Spotting problems

  6. Session 6: Exploring problems

  7. Session 7: Selecting problems

  8. Session 8: App building skills 1 (block programming)

  9. Session 9: Understand the user

  10. Session 10: Understand the market

  11. Session 11: Technical and data feasibility

  12. Session 12: App building skills 2 (blocks programming)

  13. Session 13: User experience and flow

  14. Session 14: Build your app

  15. Session 15: Test with users

  16. Session 16: Business case

  17. Session 17: Marketing

  18. Session 18: Pitch

  19. Session 19: Keep on growing

  20. Session 20: Careers in tech

Core resource

Course workbook for students

This workbook will be updated over the next few days to include worksheets for the last few sessions.

  • This printable student A4 workbook contains practical activities
  • Guides you and your students through the course
  • Fully editable, making it easy for you to adopt to meet your needs