Design an App - Paper Based

A short course in app design

Step 1

Review the learning objectives

Learning Objectives


  • Identify everyday problems which could be solved by a mobile app


  • Be able to expand and develop initial ideas to create a better understanding of the problem to be solved
  • Understand how to utilise mobile device features in the design of an app


  • Paper design of app prototype

Step 2

Course workbook

This workbook can be downloaded from Google Drive or as a PDF and printed out for students to work on at home.

Step 3

Enter the Awards

This presentation will take you through the entry submission process applicable when you are working from home. This guide will help you to create a submission that standouts from the crowd.

For this year entries are welcome from UK and international students and can be individual or team entries (e.g. if you started a course while your school was still open).

All entries must be in English.

The closing date for entries is the 18th of May 2020

Step 4

Produce your video

Getting close to the deadline? Not produced your video yet? Check out our help and advice in this useful presentation