Bin Waste Battles

Get competitive with your neighbours to reduce food waste

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Yair, Eli and Ashwin, aged 12 and Luca aged 13 from Dunoon Grammar School in Argyll and Bute, Scotland.

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What is your product and who is it for?

Bin waste battles is an app to help stop waste from going into your bin and is for suitably sized households.

What inspired your idea, and why is it important to you?

Yair has a big family that produces tons of waste and he was fed up with taking out so much rubbish, this weighed on his mind. Ashwin was watching a documentary made by David Attenborough with his father. He saw what we were doing to the planet, the next day he realised he wanted to change the game.

How does your product solve the problem?

The UK throws away 9.5 millions tons of food waste in a year. Even though 8.4 million people in the UK are in food poverty. Billions of pounds are wasted each year when food is disposed of unnecessarily. This is a fun way to help make a dent in that problem.

How does it work?

Bin Waste Battles is an app that allows neighbours to play in a friendly but competitive competition to see who can most reduce their family’s food waste within the space of a week. Winners will get points to move up the leaderboard. Your family number is recorded when you first sign in and as larger families produce more waste, their points will be recorded accordingly. There are a variety of different game modes to compete in. There will be incentives for neighbours. E.g. one neighbour has to take the others bins out or mow the lawn.

What is the biggest challenge you faced when creating your app?

Thinking of solutions to solve the problem with a fun twist, to make it more engaging for the whole family.

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We provide a fun and effective solution for this massive problem. If you vote for us the world will effectively become a much better place for our generation.

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