Showcase info for shortlisters

Provide real-world feedback to budding young innovators

Hello Shortlisters!

Thank you for helping us find this year's best entries to showcase, we really appreciate it.

We ask volunteers and partners to help us review, rate and find the very best digital products from hundreds of entries. Judges' favourites are then chosen by our virtual panels of category sponsors.

An overview of the shortlisting criteria

We are looking for solutions that demonstrate innovative thinking and stand out from the rest. Judges' favourites are selected by our shortlisters and judges from our industry partners.

Our shortlisters are asked to:

  • Provide constructive feedback via an optional comment box.
  • Rate submissions based on the three things below.

1. Idea

How well does the solution address the problem?

Shortlisters are looking for an innovative and thoroughly developed solution addressing a clearly defined and researched problem.

2. Product

How well do the features and prototype bring the idea to life?

Shortlisters are looking for thoughtful and user-centered features and an excellent prototype.

3. Overall project

How well presented and clear is the overall project?

Shortlisters are looking for projects that are professionally presented and clear throughout.

What you need to know before reviewing entries

We have created a video guide to support you in helping us find the best student entries. The video will help you to understand what we are looking for, and how to review and rate an entry.

Showcase Shortlisting Video Guide

Typical questions from our shortlisters

Why should I help shortlist?

Our student teams have worked hard to build digital products. You can help provide real-world feedback to budding young innovators.

How do I become a shortlister?

You can sign up as a shortlister here.

What if I lost my invitation email?

Email us and we will resend the email which contains your unique shortlisting link.

When does shortlisting start?

Shortlisting will take place between 29th April and 10th May this year.

How does shortlisting work?

Shortlisters review projects online and rate each submission. See an overview of the criteria above. If you decide to help shortlist, further guidance to help you rate projects will be provided.

What will I need in order to shortlist?

Just a few minutes of your time, a computer and a pair of headphones.

What happens after shortlisting?

We review the top rated projects, then select the best entries to showcase for each category.

Where is the Showcase?

This year's Showcase will again be a virtual experience. Showcased entries will be announced on our social media and website.

How do I ask a different question?

Just email our Partnership team and we'll do our best to answer your questions.

Interested in shortlisting entries as a team?

Some of our corporate partners enjoy shortlisting and reviewing student projects. It’s a great team building activity and insightful for employees to see innovative ideas from young minds. To learn more about how to get involved with these shortlisting sessions, as well as other opportunities to engage, visit our page for partners or email