Caitlin Strachan

Apps for Good Expert of the Year 2021

Introducing Caitlin

Caitlin Strachan is our pick for Expert of the Year.

Caitlin has been an incredible Expert over the past academic year. Through our Expert Feedback Tool, Caitlin has provided written feedback to encourage and guide numerous students throughout their journey, giving them motivation and industry guidance in what has been a very challenging year for many students and teachers. Our Educators have told us how inspiring Caitlin's words have been and what a difference it makes to their Apps for Good experience.

Caitlin Strachan Headshot

Why did you decide to sign up as an Apps for Good Expert?

I wanted to sign up as I had attended a full day workshop as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) days at work (pre COVID-19). It was a really fun day & so interesting to see of all the ideas that the different groups come up with!

Tell us about your favourite Apps for Good moment this academic year?

My favourite moment was seeing all of the groups hard work come together towards the end of the course, after taking advice on board and producing impressive prototypes and presentations - really seeing their ideas come to life!

Why do you think it's important to volunteer your time supporting students as an Apps for Good Expert?

I think Apps for Good is a brilliant idea, and a really fun and interesting way to get kids interested in technology. I think it’s important for us to volunteer, as speaking to and getting advice from people with experience in the industry, can really help the young people to ask themselves questions they never would have thought of - things that just naturally come from experience. I think it’s great we get to share that with them and it’s brilliant to see them taking this on board and learning so much in a short amount of time!