Sean Handley

Sean Handley

Cloud Applications Engineer at DataCentred

United Kingdom

Coding & Web Development

Software developer in Manchester, focussing on Unix/open source technologies.

I feel that creating software is a communication process. Clear, regular, focussed communication is more worthwhile to creating reliable, excellent software than any individual tool or process.

I'm a big fan of open source software and I'm currently a member of the Fog core team (


Day to day, I mostly write and maintain web apps in Ruby using Rails. This includes the whole process, from conception and design to implementation, deployment and maintenance. I'm proficient with front end development in HTML, CSS and JavaScript (and various shorthand languages like HAML, SASS and Coffee Script). I'm also very comfortable writing backend code, unix daemons, self-contained libraries etc.


I have been heavily involved with organising events in the technical community in Manchester. In 2011 I co-­ran MagRails, a conference featuring a mix of Ruby and Agile talks.

I also co­-founded the annual Hack Manchester coding competition and still get involved with the North West Ruby User Group and have given a couple of talks at the monthly meetups.

Outside of work

I’m a big fan of nature and the outdoors and enjoy walking, running, canoeing, snowboarding, climbing and scuba diving.

I’ve done several runs to raise money for charity. Last year I ran my first marathon at Loch Ness in Scotland for the charity Mind. This year I participated in the Tough Mudder competition and I’ve also accepted a place for the 2014 London Marathon to raise money for Oxfam.

I also devote a portion of my time to assisting with the project, a campaign to democratise the creation of currency and take it back from private banks into the hands of the public.

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