Mikkel Lunding

Mikkel Lunding

Associate, Product Quality Operations


Idea screening User & market insight User experience Marketing

Problem solving, analytical and goal oriented young man with a strong interest in interactive media, design and marketing.

I got a bachelor in Interactive Digital Media from Aalborg University in Denmark. I understand how interactive media work, and I am experienced in the creative processes behind the creation of these. I am skilled in many creative software and I use these skills in a professional - as well as personal - context. I do not mind long working hours, as long as the work is interesting, challenging and grasps my interest! My colleagues call me efficient, creative and calm-tempered. It takes a lot for me to lose focus even in stressed situations. During my time as a student at Aalborg University I have been working heavily with case-studies. Every semester was structured so that me and my student group formulated a complex question related to our field of study, and afterwards spend around 3 months answering this question using our research and theoretical knowledge. The whole process was documented in a final project, which then together with an oral defense, turned into the given semesters grade. Some of the semesters the projects were made in collaboration with companies. This meant that our research and results could go beyond solely theoretical thinking and extend into a somewhat practical execution of our findings and results.

I have a thorough international understanding, and I have been living in a couple of different countries and continents. I am experienced in six languages and speak three almost fluently.

Personally I like to feel that I live, and I do believe that the work you do can be a great and interesting part of your life!

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