Senthil Kumar Mani

Senthil Kumar Mani

Innovation Lead at Thomson Reuters

United Kingdom

App dev: Idea screening App dev: Technical & data feasibility App dev: User experience App dev: Business models Public speaking Careers talks

Advocate the adoption of our microservices, framework and open sources to strategic business units and the company wide developer community.
● Participate in technical and design discussions with technical executives at strategic partners to speed adoption and ensure best practices during implementation.
● Routine Innovation weeks for ideate and build a proof of concept for newly released devices.
● Evaluate and introduce new tools to the wider company’s Mobile development process in order to improve efficiency and reduce the development lifecycle.
● Provide Android advocacy to the cross functional stakeholders such as Product owners, UX/UI designers, cross platform application developers, test engineers and backend developers by playing an integral part of architectural & UX/UI definition of the Mobile products.
● Technology advice beyond mobile to build efficient solutions using various MBaaS and technologies such as couchbase,
● Built proof of concepts for Android Wear, TV, Auto, Glass and Chromecast integration for Sports Reel App.
● “Experiment, Evaluate and Adoption” strategy of new mobile technology stacks and services such as IBM Watson,, Kinvey, Google Compute Engine,,, Pusher, AWS, IBM Watson, Angular, Node, React, Couchbase Mobile.
● Experienced in every aspect of software lifecycle of low latency/ high performance cloud based computing systems.
● Worked closely with the App store partners to enrich the products core functions, subsequently negotiate the promotion for apps by liaising the developer relation’s teams

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