Session: Awards entry

Help your students prepare and submit their Awards entry

Session introduction

In this session, you'll guide your students through the entry submission process. Help students create submissions that standout from the crowd.

Session preparation

To prepare for this session, please review and print:

1. The Session Guide

Word / PDF / Google

2. The Awards entry submission pack for students

Word / PDF / Google

Session delivery

1. Do a walkthrough of the entry process:

2. Hand out the Awards entry submission pack

  • See links above

3. Work through the presentation below

Product examples

Here are some examples of previous product ideas that have made it to the finals.

Photo - team Rocket Code
Team Rocket Code, Finalists in 2016
Photo - augmented reality glasses
Team FearNothing, Winners in 2017
Photo - pitching IoT device in Marketplace
Team SafeStep, which won at the Awards in 2017
Photo - teacher holds door for student
Team Light Bike, which won at the Awards in 2018