Awards info for teachers & parents

Help your students to prepare to enter the Awards

Introducing the Apps for Good Awards

Our national competition is open to all students who take part in Apps for Good courses either at school or home. Empower and encourage your students to submit their projects through the student awards page.

See below for an overview of the judging criteria and how to help students prepare their awards entry. See the key dates on the awards overview page.

Photo - student in marketplace at awards
Photo - teacher holds door for student

An overview of the shortlisting criteria

We are looking for solutions that demonstrate innovative thinking and stand out from the rest. Finalists and winners are selected by our shortlisters and judges from our industry partners.

Our shortlisters are asked to:

  • Provide constructive feedback via an optional comment box
  • Rate submissions based on the three things below

1. Idea

How well does the solution address the problem?

Shortlisters are looking for an innovative and thoroughly developed solution addressing a clearly defined and researched problem.

2. Product

How well do the features and prototype bring the idea to life?

Shortlisters are looking for thoughtful and user-centered features and an excellent working prototype.

3. Overall project

How well presented and clear is the overall project?

Shortlisters are looking for projects that are professionally presented and clear throughout.

How to help teams prepare their entry

For your students to succeed in the Awards they will need to both meet our judging criteria and present an entry that stands out from the many we receive each year.

Competition rules

You should also familiarise yourself with the competition rules:

How submissions work

Students need to submit their entry on the student awards page. You'll be sent a confirmation email when an entry is submitted.

To reward your students for entering and for their great work, you can print out and fill in an Apps for Good certificate (below). You'll be emailed the links when your students submit their projects.

AfG Awards certificate – Image